Adam Bunce's Bio

British painter

Born in Southwest England in 1978.
BA Hons English and Creative Writing (Bath Spa University).
TEFL Teacher.
Has exhibited paintings in London, Exeter, Bristol and Newton Abbot.
He lives and works in Montevideo, Uruguay

I feel a deep connection with the landscape. From the windswept tors of Dartmoor and the secluded coves of the south coast of England to the urban scape of Pocitos, I draw on spaces and places for inspiration for my paintings. I focus on rock formations, tree roots, patterns of bird flight, clouds, leaf litter on the ground, vegetation intertwined with cement and bricks. All the chaos of these non-human pathways leads me to investigate the relationship between landscape and self. Through the medium of visual art I hope to hold a dialogue with the outside, autonomous world. The image is the record of this communication.

Artist Statement

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